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At KM Montana Grassfed, each package of our beef is marked not only with the widely recognized “Made in Montana” label, but the rarely seen or understood “Grown in Montana” label as well. That way, you know the beef you're eating was born, raised and processed right here in Montana, instead of being born and raised in a foreign country and shipped to The United States where it is only processed, but is then labeled as a “Product of USA".

We are a different and better choice.  Our mission is to provided people an option to buy beef that they know where it was born, raised and processed and so they can vote with their dollars to support high quality Montana beef. Due to the absence of country of origin labeling (COOL), your guess is as good as mine as to the source of most meat in the grocery store, and that is wrong.  Why does every piece of clothing you wear says where it is from, but they won't be transparent with you about the source of beef you ingest?

                        -John Wagner, Co-owner KM Montana Grassfed Beef

Please vote with your dollars for a better food supply, because it is the only language corporations understand.

The Best Grass Produces the Best Beef - KM Ranch Montana

The Best Grass Produces the Best Beef - KM Ranch Montana

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Why Grass Fed?

Learn what makes our beef the best you have tasted

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Who We Are

Green grass and a Big Sky is why our product is so good

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