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Our Philosophy

KM Grassfed Beef embraces a proven practice of grazing cattle on the native Montana grasslands where Bison thrived for hundreds of years and allowing them to feast on this nutrient rich native grass.

This practice, coupled with gentle and respectful humane handling of our livestock, results in healthier, stress free animals who produce a more wholesome and sustainable product that is Montana grown and processed in Montana that is healthier for the consumer, and better for the environment.

KM uses a three-part test in making decisions that requires a “yes” to each part.  Is it good for the land? Is it good for the animals?  Is it good for people?  We have found the if you can answer “yes” to each part, then you likely have a good solution.  If we are good to the earth, she is good us and everyone benefits.  Quality life on Earth requires good ground and clean water.

A recommended reading:  The Gourmet Butcher’s Guide to Meat.  How to Source it Ethically, Cut it Professionally, and Prepare it Properly.  By Cole Ward with Karen Coshof.   CSW Enterprises, LLC 2014.

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Learn what makes our beef the best you have tasted

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Green grass and a Big Sky is why our product is so good

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