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The Legend of Lawlor Ranch

Edward Lawlor left New York and traveled West circa 1884, seeking land to establish his American Dream. After 10 years of searching for the right place he pioneered raw land in the Bear Paw Mountains of North Central Montana.

Edward Lawlor left New York and traveled West in about 1884 seeking land to establish his American Dream. After 10 years of searching for the right place he pioneered raw land in the Bear Paw Mountains of North Central Mountain.

In 1894 he claimed his first right water in a hidden valley filled with pure mountain springs that fed a pristine stream on the valley floor as it meandered along through lush Montana native grasslands where the Bison once roamed.  He established the KM brand for his livestock.  Edward was an organic farmer and rancher by necessity that lived 90 years on this earth from 1862 to 1952 due to plenty of daily exercise, clean nutrient rich fruits and vegetables and KM grassfed beef.  After Edward the ranch passed to John and Lucy Lawlor and then to their son Dennis.  Many years of colorful family and western history have occurred since 1894 on this land and we are working on writing the oral history down on paper for all to enjoy and sometimes wonder if it really happened.  It did!

For well over a century, the agricultural pursuits of the family have thrived in this naturally blessed place and still do today under the care and direction of Edward’s great grandsons, Mark and John.  122 years has gone into developing superior beef cattle that you can enjoy today as delicious KM Farms Montana Grassfed Beef from our farm and ranch to your family table.  Eat Real. Eat Clean. Beef!



Our healthy Hereford cattle are raised on thousands of acres of sprawling native Montana grasslands where the Bison once roamed and thrived, without the use of hormones, antibiotics or feedlots. Because they eat native range grass and our farm grown hay, their meat is high in healthy Omega-3 fatty acids and low in potentially harmful Omega-6’s (which are elevated in corn-fed beef).  In addition, we produce our own quality hay and our cattle drink from quality sources of springs and the clear running water of Little Box Elder Creek flowing to the Milk River.

We focus on top quality ground beef because it is the most flexible beef product for our customers and the flavor is fantastic!  Whether you grill, bake or satay our beef, you will see, smell and taste the quality you deserve.

Treating our cattle in a stress-free, humane manner also contributes to the delicious taste of our beef.

Our Healthy Herefords


Humane Handling and respectful treatment of animals from birth to harvest is an important part of our Mission. KM Farms believes in the recommendations of expert Dr. Temple Grandin, a designer of livestock handling facilities and a Professor of Animal Sciences at Colorado State University, and has adopted many of her livestock handling systems and techniques. As Dr. Temple Grandin notes, animals have a natural process of movement and respond cooperatively when shadows and loud noises are eliminated from their environment. Human handling requires quiet human demeanor to handle the cattle, and persons able to “read” an animal as it progresses through the corrals and loading chutes. Personnel are properly placed in relationship to each animal and move the “lead” animal through the chute, as it is instinctual for livestock to follow the animal in front of them and these techniques eliminate the use of force or electrical prods greatly reducing stress or anxiety for each animal.

In addition to humane handling during their time on the farm, humane handling continues for cattle on the way to harvest as they are treated with respect and gentle care to reduce and eliminate stress during all phases of the process starting with a pre-loading inspection of the condition and sanitation of each trailer and upon arrival to a Montana processing facility.

Humane Handling
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Green grass and a Big Sky is why our product is so good

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